Maytronics Cable 2-Wire No Swivel Diagnostic E10 DIY 40FT 99958902-DIY


Replacement 40ft cable for Dolphin Active 10, S50 and E10 robotic pool cleaners.




Replacement Cable for Dolphin Robotic Cleaners.

Dolphin Cleaners 99958902-DIY 40′ 2-Wire Blue Diagnostic Cable with DIY End No Swivel 12M for use with Dolphin™ S50 and Active 10 Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Maytronics 99958902-DIY 12M Diagnostic Cable with DIY End is designed for use with S50 and Active 10 Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners. Dolphin pool cleaners are highly efficient and cost-effective in cleaning pools, leaving them consistently clean. These robots are equipped with advanced pool brushing systems that enable them to move freely around the pool and remove debris from the water while scrubbing the pool floor, walls, and waterline. They can clean any type or shape of pool thoroughly, making them the best automatic, residential pool cleaner available. Dolphin robots are easy to use, reliable, and provide years of cost-effective pool cleaning. They are manufactured by the robotic pool cleaner leader and are known for their outstanding cleaning performance. With Dolphin robots, pool surfaces and water are left clean and healthy every time. These robots are easy to operate, and the filters are easy to empty and clean, making them ideal for pool owners who want to enjoy their pools without the hassle of cleaning them. They come with automation options that make them easy to set and forget.


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