Inground Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools: Unmatched Beauty and Durability

Are you dreaming of a backyard oasis that combines style, functionality, and affordability? Look no further than Latham inground vinyl liner swimming pools. These pools have captured the hearts of countless homeowners, offering a stunning and durable solution for creating a private aquatic retreat.

From vibrant mosaic patterns to understated solid colors, you can find a liner that perfectly matches your aesthetic preferences and complements your outdoor living area.

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Our mission is to deliver exceptional pools and spas of the utmost quality while keeping them affordable for our customers. Our vinyl-lined pools offer unparalleled customization options, going beyond traditional shapes and sizes. With a wide selection of vinyl patterns, step options, spillover spas, and tanning ledges, you can create a truly personalized and unique swimming experience.


Sizes: 16×28, 16×32, 20×36


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 17×36, 20×40


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 16×36, 18×36, 20×40


Sizes: 15×26, 16×28, 19×31, 19×40


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 17×36, 20×40


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 18×36, 20×40


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 17×36, 20×40


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 18×36, 20×40


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 18×40, 20×42

Mountain Lake II

Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 17×36, 20×40


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 16×36, 18×36, 20×40


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 16×36, 18×36, 20×40


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 16×36, 18×36, 20×40


Sizes: 14×28, 16×32, 20×40

Choose from a Variety of Add-Ons

When it comes to inground vinyl liner pools, the possibilities for creating a custom backyard experience are truly endless. With Latham’s modular vinyl liner pool system, you have the flexibility to design a pool that perfectly fits your space and reflects your personal style. Whether you’re constructing a brand new pool or looking to enhance your existing pool with custom add-ons while replacing the vinyl liner, Latham offers a range of options to meet your unique needs.

From choosing different wall types to selecting from a wide variety of liner patterns, you have the freedom to create a pool that is truly one-of-a-kind. Additionally, Latham provides an array of custom add-ons that can further elevate your vinyl liner pool, ensuring it caters to your specific desires and preferences. With Latham, your inground vinyl liner pool becomes a masterpiece tailored to your vision.

Wall Types

Latham provides durable, modular walls for your vinyl liner pool, offering flexibility and customization. Choose between polymer or steel options to create a pool that suits your needs.


Latham provides a range of coping options, such as cantilever, aluminum, and PVC finish, for vinyl liner pools. Coping serves as the attachment point for the vinyl liner, ensuring proper positioning within the pool.

Pool Liner Pattern

Expand your customization options beyond pool shapes with our extensive selection of vinyl pool patterns. Patterns allow you to not only change the water shade but also influence the overall aesthetic and ambiance of your pool.


A durable entry system is an essential component of every inground swimming pool. Not only do entry steps enhance the safety of your pool, but they also contribute to its beauty and comfort.

Visualize Your Pool

Visualizing your dream pool has never been easier with the Latham Pool Visualizer tool. This innovative online tool allows you to bring your pool ideas to life, helping you envision your future oasis right from the comfort of your home. With the Latham Pool Visualizer, you can explore various pool shapes, sizes, and customization options, including different liner patterns, coping styles, and add-ons.

Finance Your Pool

Interested in pool financing? We offer financing options that may be the right choice for you.
With our financing options you can buy today and pay over time and you can enjoy your pool.

We offer financing through HFS. Speak with one of our experts by contacting us today or apply online to get started.

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