Protection for Your Swimming Pool

Is it time to replace your swimming pool safety cover? Or perhaps you don’t have a safety cover and are tired of dealing with tarps, water tubes and submersible pumps year after year? Get in touch with our experts at St. Cyr Pool & Spa in Middleton to shop from a wide selection of premium safety covers, perfect for your in-ground pool. We can help you find a new cover, facilitate installation and ensure it remains in premium condition during routine service appointments. Give us a call today to order your brand-new safety cover.

Why Install a Pool Safety Cover?

  1. Safety
    It’s in the name! If you have small children or pets, a safety cover is a great way to make sure they don’t fall and become entrapped in your pool cover during the offseason. Full size adults, pets, even cars can sit right on top of a safety cover and not fall in the pool due to its incredible strength.

  2. Easier Opening and Closing
    A safety cover attaches to your deck using built-in brass anchors and springs. These are easily put on and taken off, much easier than dealing with water tubes and tarps.

  3. Cleaner Pool Area
    The tarp-style water bag covers fill up with water and use ugly water bags to hold them down and just leave an ugly mess of your pool area. A safety cover is secured tightly to the concrete it is clean and neat and can be easily folded up in the spring and stored.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Pool Cover

If you have an older safety cover on your pool, it may be time to replace it. We can match up your existing cover to ensure that the new one fits like a charm and matches your existing anchors. Just ordering a stock cover that is labeled the same size as your pool does not mean your cover will line up correctly. Every manufacturer stitches their covers differently and the straps might be different spacing. If you don’t have the original order number or drawing from your safety cover, we can have it sent back to our cover manufacturer and made to spec at no additional charge. Even if your cover doesn’t have any rips, you may still want to upgrade.

As covers age, sunlight can thin and break down the materials. This allows for more sunlight to get to the pool water, which promotes algae growth. In recent years, cover manufacturers have developed tighter meshes that are not only stronger and safer but also allow less UV light to reach the pool water. If you want your pool to open up cleaner and clearer next spring, it all starts with a good cover.

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