Pool Closings North Shore MA

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Need your pool closed in the North Shore MA area? We have been performing professional swimming pool closings or over 30 years and know how to winterize your pool properly for the New England winter. We can close any  in-ground vinyl or gunite residential and commercial pools located on the North Shore and Merrimack Valley MA as well as Seacoast NH. 

What is Included in a Pool Closing?

  • Removal of Ladders and Handrails
  • Draining Water from Pump and Filter 
  • Blowing out all water from plumbing lines
  • Plugging all return and skimmer lines
  • Cleaning DE and Cartridge Filters on Site
  • Add Anti-Freeze to Skimmer lines
  • Add Winter Closing Chemicals

Everything above is included in ALL closings. We offer 3 styles of pool cover closings.

1. No Cover Closing - We do all of the above and you put the cover on yourself.

2. Safety Cover Closing - We do all of the above plus put on a safety style cover (IE: Loop-Loc Elephant Cover)

3. Tarp Cover Waterbag Closing - We do all of the above and put on a tarp style cover with water bags.

We can supply the chemicals when we come at an additional charge. Generally we use; a case of liquid shock $19.99 , Algaecide $19.99/$29.99, and Antifreeze $4.99/bottle.

Extra features such as in-floor cleaning systems, attached spas, flooded systems (pump below grade of pool), and other extra pump/filter equipment can add to the closing costs but are all things the pro's at St. Cyr Pool & Spa in Middleton MA can handle.

To sign up for your pool closing use the form on this page or call 978-774-7005.

Safety Cover Pool CLosings North Shore MA

Need a new safety cover for your pool? Ask us about replacement cover re-makes. Or new safety cover installations.

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