Spa Water Balance Kit – PH/Alkalinity Up and Down Plus Calcium

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Water balance kit – St. Cyr brand

PH  and Alkalinity increaser and decreaser, plus calcium hardness increaser.

Spa Ph/Alkalinity Increase 2lb.

2lb. St. Cyr's brand PH and Alkalinity Increase for spas and hot tubs.

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Spa Ph/Alkalinity Down 3lb.

St. Cyr brand PH/Alkalinity Decreaser 3lb. Container.

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Spa Calcium Increaser 2lb.

2lbs. Calcium Hardness Increaser for Hot Tubs.

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34 in stock


Water balance is crucial in maintainnig a hot tub. Not just for safe soaking but for protecting your spas internal components over the long run. Protect your spa investment and maintain proper water balance with with this kit


  • 2lb PH/Alkalinity Increase
  • 3lb PH/Alkalinity decrease
  • 2lb Calcium hardness increaser.

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Weight 7 lbs


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