Frog @Ease Floating System

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Frog @ease Floating Sanitizing System – The most popular low chlorine hot tub sanitation system in the industry

Includes: 1 Mineral, 1 Smartchlor, 1 Jumpstart Packet, and 1 30ct Test Strips.

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Frog @ease Floating Sanitizing System

Spa Frog raised the bar when they developed the new @ease Sanitizing system for hot tubs. They have made it super simple to keep your spa water crystal clear without the need for harsh water from too much chlorine or bromine.

The Smartclor chlorine is self regulating and only releases chlorine when needed. When you open the cover and enter the spa you no longer have to deal with strong chlorine odors or a harsh chemical feel to the water.

It’s also easy to know when to replace your cartridges, when the chlorine is empty the floating ball flips over to let you know it is time for a new cartridge.


  • The blue mineral cartrige lasts for 4 months once it hits the water. We recommend replacing each time you drain and fill the spa
  • The silver smartchlor chlorine cartridges can last 3 to 4 weeks depending on spa size and usage. Determined by how open you have the cartidge
  • The silver smarchlor cartrigde flips over to let you know when it is empty!

The start up Frog @ease system kit only comes with 1 smartchlor cartrige. We recommed purchase the Frog Smartchlor Replacement 3 Pack with the start up kit every 4 months to make it easier. Whats even easier is signing up for Subscribe and Save and we will ship them to you automatically — plus you save 5% on each order!

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