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The Best Backyard Accessories for Your Pool and Spa

Pool parties with all of your family and friends, complete with a fired-up grill, a fully-stocked outdoor refrigerator, and a mini-bar that’s filled with cold drinks.

Family reunions, birthdays, and anniversaries celebrated in the fresh air with grass underfoot and the scent of jasmine and gardenia wafting over from your flower garden.

Quiet evenings watching the sun go down from the serenity of your pool or swim spa, with a beverage in hand and soft music drifting on the night air.

Whatever the “backyard of your dreams” looks like for you, the addition of a pool or spa is just the beginning when it comes to making the most of your outdoor space.

There are tons of accessories that can take everyday experiences from ordinary to unforgettable.

Choose a Centerpiece for Your Backyard Oasis

Let’s back up a little.

Before you start adding accessories, you need to have a focal point for your backyard. Nothing brings people together and sparks spontaneous gatherings quite like a pool, hot tub, or swim spa.

Which one(s) you choose will depend on the size and layout of your backyard, as well as your personal priorities and lifestyle.

If you love big family gatherings, then a full-sized above-ground swimming pool may be just the thing to make your house the preferred destination for your relatives to make the journey to.

If you’re more of a fitness buff who loves nothing more than starting the day with a refreshing workout, then a swim spa can be a gamechanger for you.

When imagining and planning the backyard of your dreams, start by asking yourself a few questions about how you plan to use it:

  • Do you plan to throw lots of big parties?
  • How important is privacy to you?
  • Will you use your backyard as a potential workspace or home office?
  • Does your household include children?
  • Will you use your backyard for health and fitness activities?

Answering these questions will bring a lot of clarity to your next steps, whether it’s mapping out space for an above-ground pool or choosing the perfect location to install your hot tub for optimal sunset watching.

How Accessories Can Enhance Your Backyard

Now, onto the extras that can transform and customize your backyard into something truly personal and unique.

As you start to plan, remember that a backyard space is first and foremost a functional area. It’s an extension of your home into the great outdoors. And it deserves just as much care and attention as you would give any indoor space.

Just like you spend time setting up your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms in a way that makes sense in terms of function, fun, and style, you should also bring that kind of thoughtful planning to your backyard space.

Think back to some of your favorite experiences in a pool or hot tub. It could have been at a friend’s house or at a hotel on a weekend getaway.

What made those experiences so memorable? Was it the crystal clarity of the water? The romantic lighting on the pool deck? The floating tray that kept your drinks within arm’s reach?

It’s these little touches that can make all the difference, from heightening the functionality of your pool to adding that extra dash of convenience and pizzazz.

To inspire you to start thinking of ways you can upgrade your backyard, here’s a roundup of some of the most inspired and just plain cool accessories for your pool and hot tub.

Backyard Accessories That Increase Functionality and Safety

Steps for Your Pool or Hot Tub

The first and most basic accessory you need for your pool or hot tub is a set of steps that allow you to get in and out safely and easily. Because they’re meant to be used while wet, it’s important to choose a set of steps that includes textured treads that offer grip and stability.

Bonus recommendation: While we’re on the topic of steps, did you know that you can buy a mini ramp that lets frogs and other little critters safely crawl out of your pool if they’ve accidentally fallen in?

We love this invention because it saves your local wildlife from getting trapped in your pool and it saves you from the unfortunate task of clearing them out.

Covers and Cover Lifters

The next “must-have” item is actually two items: a cover and a cover lifter. When your pool or hot tub is not in use, you want to keep it sealed up from the elements, trapping the heat in and keeping rain, dirt, debris, and neighborhood animals out.

That’s where a cover comes in. They come in a variety of options, from soft vinyl fabrics to stiffer versions made from foam and aluminum. Which you choose will depend on the kind of pool or hot tub you have, how frequently you use it, and various other factors.

Next, you’ll want to have a cover lifter. This not only makes it easier to place and remove your cover, but it also extends its lifespan by reducing the wear and tear that often comes from handling it manually.

Spa Umbrella

Everyone loves getting in the hot tub, but no one wants to get a burn from baking under the midday sun.

You could limit your soaking to the night hours, but why do that when you can simply add a large, stylish umbrella that shades your hot tub and its occupants from UV rays (and from any curious neighbors)?

Foot Bath

If you’ve ever spent time cleaning the floor only to have someone track mud right through it, then you know the feeling of painstakingly skimming your pool only to have someone jump in, bringing bits of grass, dirt, and other debris with them.

Save your sanity and slash your skimming time by investing in a cute plastic foot bath that you can set by pool steps. Swimmers simply step in the bath to rinse their feet clean before climbing in the pool.

Mobile Control Apps

Take advantage of the internet age by hooking up your pool or hot tub to a mobile app that lets you control things remotely. Most of the big hot tub brands now offer options that support remote connectivity and let you control settings right from your smartphone, such as:

  • Activating the jets and lights
  • Adjusting the water temperature
  • Switching energy modes
  • Selecting filtration options
  • Sending alerts when a problem is detected

Having control of your hot tub at your fingertips is not only cool, but it’s also incredibly convenient.

Backyard Accessories with Therapeutic and Health Benefits


Take your relaxation to the next level by adding aromatherapy to your hot tub.

Essential oils that have proven benefits for promoting calmness, reducing stress, and even treating muscle tension are a great way to increase the healing and therapeutic value of a dip in the hot tub.

When selecting your aromatherapy oils, be sure to choose brands that are specifically formulated for use in hot tubs. Other types of oils can mess with the pH balance of the water and build up in the plumbing lines, causing clogs down the road.

Spa Bath Pillow

Sometimes you just want to let yourself melt into the warm, relaxing waters of your hot tub. Give yourself permission to rest your head and let it all go with a comfy, non-slip bath pillow that attaches right to the walls of your hot tub.

It provides the necessary support to your neck and head so that you can release all of the tension in your body and pretend you’re a leaf floating calmly on the water.

Towel Warmer

Once you’ve achieved a state of pure bliss from a long soak in your hot tub, don’t let it be ruined by the shock of cold air that hits you when you get out.

A towel warmer lets you stay comfortable and relaxed by keeping your towels toasty and warm and ready to wrap yourself up in. Finish your soak and then grab a hot towel for the ultimate in coziness.

Backyard Accessories That Add Fun and Style

Floaties and Inflatables

These quintessential pool accessories aren’t just for kids, although the little ones in your life will have a ball with them, too.

Whether you’re planning to spend a lazy day by yourself, floating on an inflatable with your shades on and a cold drink in your hand, or you’re gearing up for a blockbuster party with all your friends and neighbors, you need a selection of fun and functional floatie toys and inflatables.

Get them in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to create maximum fun and playfulness.

Sports Accessories

A little friendly competition can turn a regular day at the pool into an all-out sports tournament. Plus, the options are nearly endless. Inject a little fun and excitement into your pool with:

  • A basketball hoop that attaches to the side of the pool
  • A floating soccer net
  • A floating volleyball net
  • A ring toss

Floating Lights and Speakers

Lights and music are the perfect way to enhance the mood and create a cool atmosphere in your pool or hot tub.

Solar-powered floating lights will have your water looking like a spa-worthy getaway. They come in cool shapes, like flowers, that add an incredible amount of ambiance and more than a touch of romance.

Round out the luxurious experience with a little music piped in through a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This is another must-have item for all occasions, whether it’s a quiet evening for two or a larger gathering.

Serving Trays

Save yourself and your guests the hassle of getting in and out of the pool for snacks and drinks by bringing food and beverage service right into the pool.

Floating serving trays are an awesome way to elevate your pool and hot tub experience by keeping refreshments close at hand.

If you’re serving high-quality food/drink that you don’t want to risk getting tipped into the pool (champagne, anyone?), then a folding tray that attaches securely to the side of your pool or hot tub is the perfect thing to put your mind at ease and keep the party going.

Shop Backyard Accessories for Your Pool and Spa Today

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