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The Raypak Digital gas heater is an ideal choice for those who want to maintain their pool or spa temperature precisely at their preferred setting. With its microprocessor-based thermostat control, you can easily adjust the temperature by pressing the up or down temperature control button. The digital display provides a constant readout of the pool water temperature.

The Raypak Digital comes with on-board diagnostic controls that enable the user and service professionals to monitor the heater’s performance at all times. The digital display shows the problem in the control circuit, in case of any issues.

This heater is compatible with most major pool control and remote systems on the market today. You can connect any two-wire or three-wire remote to the Raypak Digital and integrate it into the pool control system of your choice.

The Raypak Digital has a durable, non-corrosive cabinet with forest green and charcoal gray panels that complement the latest pool and spa equipment designs. The heater’s original “pagoda top” design ensures that it operates even in extreme wind conditions and downdrafts.

Stainless steel tube sheets are used on all Raypak Digital heaters that use the polymer resin headers, which provides a nonferrous waterway, leaving your pool truly rust-free.

The Raypak Digital has a ceramic fiber combustion box that keeps it running efficiently and the outside jacket cool. The heater is installed without the use of costly metal heat sinks, thanks to this space-age material.

Every Raypak gas pool heater is plumbed and test-fired before it is put in the carton. This ensures that your heater will fire right out of the box and continue to operate trouble-free for years.

The Raypak Digital has a range of features, including microprocessor-controlled thermostat, self-diagnostic capability, remote compatibility, electronic ignition, built-in wind-resistant design, polymer header, all-copper fin tube heat exchanger, CPVC 2″ water connections, condensation protection, high flow rates, fuel efficiency, burner tray, fire tile, and CSA certification.

It is suitable for swimming pools and spas.


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