Pentair FNS Plus 60 Sq. Ft DE Filter


FNS PLUS 60SQFT DE Filter. EC180009

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The FNS Plus Pool Filters, the ultimate solution for crystal-clear pool water. With curved grids maximizing filtration area, these filters offer exceptional performance and longer cleaning intervals. The internal design minimizes flow restrictions, reducing pumping power requirements for desired flow rates. Constructed from fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene, these filters boast superior strength and reliability.

The FNS Plus filters feature a corrosion-resistant fiberglass tank for long-lasting durability. They have 2″ plumbing connections to ensure maximum flow and a conveniently located 1″ drain for easy cleanout and efficient draining. With the Service-Ease™ Grid Pack and High Flow Manual Air Relief Valve, maintenance becomes a breeze.

Utilizing D.E. filtration technology, these filters remove particles as small as 5 microns, eliminating dirt, algae, and bacteria. This results in crystal clarity for your pool water.

By maximizing filtration area, FNS Plus filters provide outstanding performance while reducing maintenance costs. Their time-tested design guarantees long-term reliability and convenience.

Invest in the FNS Plus Pool Filters and enjoy a worry-free swimming season with consistently clean and inviting pool water. With their innovative features, superior strength, and cost-effective performance, these filters exceed expectations and provide the ultimate pool filtration solution.



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