Pentair FNS Plus 36 Sq.Ft DE Filter EC180007




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Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters are highly effective in providing sparkling water by removing even the tiniest contaminants, as small as 5 microns. These microscopic particles, although invisible individually, collectively impact water clarity. D.E. filters operate by allowing water to pass through a series of grids coated with D.E., which resembles a collection of small sponges. Similar to a sponge, water can flow through, but dirt, algae, and certain bacteria cannot.

To optimize filtration area, FNS Plus filters feature curved grids, resulting in enhanced performance and longer intervals between cleanings. The internal design minimizes flow restrictions, reducing the power required for pumping and lowering utility costs. These filters not only ensure crystal clear water but also offer easy maintenance and long-term reliability, guaranteeing clean pool water for years to come.

D.E. filters work by coating the filter cloth when introduced into the system. As water flows over the filter grids, the D.E. particles capture even the smallest suspended dirt particles. Cleaning is a simple process of reversing the water flow.

Key features of FNS Plus filters include superior strength, Service-Ease™ grid pack, Continuous High Flow™ internal air relief, 100% factory testing, top-to-bottom backwash, High Flow manual air relief valve, Tension Control™ clamp, black valves and plumbing, 1-1/2in. bottom clean out port, and 7-1/2in. centerline bulkhead fittings.



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