Pentair Clean and Clear RP 100 Sq.Ft. Cartridge Filter EC160354


Clean and Clear 100 Sq.Ft. Cartrige Filter EC160354

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The Clean & Clear RP Cartridge Filter sets itself apart from other single-cartridge filters with its innovative side-entry port, delivering a remarkable 50% increase in efficiency. Its enhanced cartridge surface ensures the capture and containment of particles as small as 20 microns, resulting in pristine pool water while consuming less energy.

Maintaining the filter is a breeze, thanks to the super-efficient cartridge that can be easily removed and rinsed. The low-force, quick-connect diamond-seal eliminates the need for tools during installation. The tank body is resistant to chemicals, ensuring durability. For swift and convenient maintenance and winterization, the filter features a drain and wash option. Additionally, the easy turn lock ring facilitates effortless access.

It is important to note that the actual flow rate of the system depends on the plumbing size and other components. Pentair Aquatic Systems advises against flow rates exceeding 150 GPM. The Integrated Continuous High Flow™ Internal Air Relief feature operates when the circulating system has unobstructed flow.

To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to operate the filter within certain limits: a maximum continuous operating pressure of 50 psi and a maximum internal filter water temperature of 104° F (40° C) for pool/spa (bather) applications.


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