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Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Pool Filters are engineered with top-quality materials to provide strength, reliability, and superior filtration for your swimming pool. The filter tank is constructed with a corrosion-resistant, injection-molded, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene, ensuring long-lasting durability.

The filter assembly consists of four nonwoven polyester cartridges, which can be easily maintained without the need for backwashing. Simply remove the cartridges and rinse them with a garden hose, reducing water consumption and making maintenance hassle-free.

With a large filter area, these filters offer increased dirt capacity, allowing them to capture more debris and prolonging the time between cleanings. The 100% drain clean-out port facilitates easy removal of any remaining water in the filter.

The Clean & Clear Plus filters feature Continuous High Flow™ Internal Air Relief, balanced hydraulic flow, and a single-piece fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank with a 2″ plumbing system for maximum flow and efficient water cleaning. Additionally, the 1″ drain makes winterization a quick and simple process.

Maintaining the Clean & Clear Plus filters is a breeze thanks to the innovative clamp ring that securely holds the fiberglass-reinforced tank halves together. By loosening the ring, you can easily access and rinse the cartridges, ensuring optimal filter performance.

Designed with a four-cartridge configuration, these filters maximize the filter surface area, effectively capturing more dirt and debris. The use of durable materials further extends the life of the cartridges, providing long-lasting and reliable filtration. With commercial-grade performance, the Clean & Clear Plus filter keeps your pool clean and sparkling day after day.


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