Leisure Time 1 QT Bright and Clear Clarifier


Experience the power of Leisure Time Bright & Clear Clarifier, a fast-acting treatment that keeps your spa water clear, fresh, and ready for relaxation. A little goes a long way to restore hazy water or as a preventative.

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Discover the power of Leisure Time® Bright & Clear Clarifier for achieving crystal-clear spa water. This fast-acting and easy-to-use treatment swiftly eliminates cloudiness, allowing you to focus on the ultimate relaxation experience. Its unique polymer action effectively neutralizes dirt, soap, oils, and other organic substances that can cause odors and cloudy water, while enhancing filter efficiency and restoring the sparkle to dull spa water. Compatible with various sanitizers including chlorine, bromine, ozone, and biguanide, this clarifier is the perfect addition to your spa maintenance routine. Choose Leisure Time® Bright & Clear and enjoy a hassle-free water care routine, creating more time for pure relaxation. Available in a convenient 32 fl. oz. size.


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