MAXFLO XE 2.25HP W3SP2315X20XE Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pump

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The MaxFlo® XE Ultra-High Efficiency pump, a cost-effective, energy-saving solution for pool owners. With adjustable speed options, simple installation, and dual-voltage compatibility, it’s a perfect fit for all pools while adhering to Department of Energy regulations.

The pump boasts a high Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) – 8.7 for 115V and 8.4 for 230V, symbolizing its top-tier efficiency. It surpasses DOE benchmarks and outperforms many competitive Variable Speed pumps.

The MaxFlo XE allows easy programming with six selectable speeds, quick toggling between speeds, and effortless installation. Its compact size and standard 1.5″ x 2″ unions ensure a smooth setup. Choose MaxFlo XE for an efficient, affordable, and compliant pool pump solution.


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