Hayward Industries Inc. 140K BTU 240V 50A HeatPro Heat Pump and enjoy superior heating efficiency, quiet operation, and exceptional durability.

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The Hayward Industries Inc. 140K BTU 240V 50A HeatPro Heat Pump, the ultimate solution for both after-market and new construction needs. This heat pump stands out from the competition with its unique round and compact design, offering a multitude of benefits including exceptional energy efficiency, remarkably quiet operation, hassle-free installation, and unrivaled value, performance, and reliability. Additionally, it features a standard ultra gold fin evaporator coil, providing superior resistance to coastal corrosion.


Product Benefits:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Enjoy exceptional energy efficiency that helps reduce operational costs and environmental impact.
  2. Quiet Operation: Experience a peaceful backyard environment thanks to the industry-leading quiet operation of this heat pump.
  3. Easy Installation: With its compact round design, the HeatPro easily fits through gates and occupies less space on the equipment pad, simplifying installation.
  4. Superior Value: The AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) certified performance guarantees that your purchase delivers optimal value and performance.
  5. Reliable Performance: Rely on the HeatPro heat pump’s outstanding performance and durability, ensuring long-lasting and efficient operation.
  6. Corrosion Resistance: The titanium heat exchanger provides excellent resistance against saltwater and chemical corrosion, increasing the longevity of the heat pump.
  7. Coastal Corrosion Protection: The exclusive ‘Ultra Gold’ evaporator coil is specifically designed to combat corrosion, making it an ideal choice for coastal areas.
  8. Convenient Plumbing Connections: The 2in x 2 1/2in CPVC union plumbing connections offer versatility during installation or service, while also adapting to larger plumbing systems for greater efficiency.
  9. Lightweight Design: Weighing less than 250 lbs., the HeatPro heat pump is easier to handle and transport during installation or maintenance.
  10. Trusted Certification: The HeatPro is AHRI certified, ensuring that its performance and efficiency meet rigorous industry standards, giving you confidence in your purchase.



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