Product Features: 1.5 HP Gecko Aqua-Flo Flo-Master XP2 Pump: Upgrade your hot tub with this powerful 1.5 HP pump, providing reliable and efficient operation. Gecko Part # 611-5000: Designed and manufactured by Gecko, a trusted name in the industry, ensuring top-notch quality and performance. 48 Frame: The pump is constructed with a sturdy 48 frame, enhancing durability and longevity. 2.0″ Intake and 2″ Discharge: Efficiently circulates water with a 2.0″ intake and 2″ discharge, ensuring optimum flow and water movement. Rotatable Wet End: The pump’s wet end can be rotated, allowing for flexible installation and ease of use. High and Low Speed Operation: Operate the pump at high speed with 13.3 Amps (3450 RPM) or low speed with 4.1 Amps (1725 RPM), adapting to your specific needs. Cord Not Included: Please note that a new cord is not included with the pump, but can be purchased separately if required. Unions and O Rings Included: For added convenience, the pump comes with unions and O rings, making installation hassle-free.

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Introducing the Gecko Aqua-Flo Flo-Master XP2 1.5 HP Pump, 115V – the ultimate solution for your hot tub and spa needs. With its high-performance design and exceptional features, this pump delivers powerful water circulation and ensures a rejuvenating experience every time.


  1. Enhanced Water Circulation: The 1.5 HP power of this pump ensures efficient water circulation, maintaining optimum hygiene and clarity in your hot tub or spa.
  2. Reliable Replacement: Perfectly compatible as a replacement for the Wavemaster 6000 used in the Hot Spot SX 115V and Watkins, Hot Springs, Freeflow Plug & Play hot tubs, offering a seamless transition.
  3. Trusted Brand: Manufactured by Gecko, renowned for their quality and reliability, ensuring peace of mind and long-lasting performance.
  4. Durable Construction: Built with a 48 frame, this pump is designed to withstand continuous operation and deliver years of service.
  5. Optimal Flow: The 2.0″ intake and 2″ discharge allow for efficient water flow, providing a satisfying spa experience.
  6. Customizable Installation: The rotatable wet end enables easy installation in various orientations, accommodating different setups.
  7. Adjustable Speed: Choose between high and low speed operation, tailoring the pump’s performance to your specific preferences.
  8. Convenient Installation: Unions and O rings are included, simplifying the setup process and minimizing the need for additional parts.
  9. Energy Efficient: The pump’s low amp consumption during low-speed operation ensures energy efficiency and cost savings.
  10. Improved Performance: Upgrade to the 1.5 HP Gecko XP2 611-5000 to experience enhanced water movement, leading to improved filtration and overall hot tub performance.

Take your hot tub or spa to the next level with the Gecko Aqua-Flo Flo-Master XP2 1.5 HP Pump, 115V. Its powerful performance, durable construction, and user-friendly features make it the ideal choice for any hot tub enthusiast. Upgrade today and enjoy a revitalizing and relaxing hydrotherapy experience like never before.


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