Dimension One Start up Spa Box. Drain clean and refresh your Dimension One Spa with this kit.

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Dimension One Spa Start Up SPA BOX

Does your Dimension One Spa need a refresh? Overdue for a drain and refill and not sure what you need? The D1 Start Up SPA BOX will get you going with ease.

A fresh set of filters, your 6 month vision cartridge and all the chemicals you need to clean and restart you hot tub to be fresh and clean.

We recommend changing your filters once a year, and the Vision cartridge needs to be replaced every 6 months. This kit includes both those items and more.

The Leisure Time Jet Clean is a special purge solution to run through your spa before draining in order to clean out biofilms and other buildup inside the plumbing. This treatment should be done once a year.

We also include a bottle of Stain and Scale control for when you refill to control copper and iron from your tap water.

Then your staples, chlorine and chlorine free shock for your regular maintenance.

What’s Included in The D1 Start Up Spa Box

  • 2 Premium OEM Dimension One 75 SQFT Filter Cartridges
  • 1 6 Month Vision Silver Cartridge
  • Jet Clean Spa Purge
  • Stain and Scale
  • 2lb Dichlor Chlorine
  • 2lb Chlorine Free Shock


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