D1 Flow Switch w/ T


Dimension One Spas Flow Swtich with 3/4″ T Assembly PN: 01710-130

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Dimension One Spas Flow Switch T assembly. Part Number 01710-130 is a 3/4 flow assembly used in Dimension One Reflection and Bay Series hot tubs. This part is used to detect incoming flow from the circulation pump. The sensor tells the circuit board when there is sufficient or insufficient flow to run the heater.

If you are experiencing a low flow error on your hot tub and your hot tub is not heating this part may be your issue.

Before replacing the flow sensor check for other reasons the sensor may not be reading the correct flow.

  • The filters are dirty, remove the filters, reset the breaker for 10 mins and see if the error clears.
  • The circulation pump is not running. Do you see the small stream of bubbles coming from the bottom of the spa?
  • For more technical support on troubleshooting a low flow error email: jay@stcyrpoolandspa.com


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