Bullfrog Spas Frog @ease System Kit

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FROG® @ease® system for Bullfrog Spas®, System Kit. Includes 1 Mineral Cartridge, 1 SmartChlor® cartridge,1 Jump Start package, and 1 bottle of @ease water test strips.

St. Cyr Pool and Spa is an autorized Bullfrog Spa service center for Massachusetts and NH. We use the Frog @ease system with all of our maintenance customers in the field.

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The FROG® @ease® system for Bullfrog Spas, a revolutionary water care solution meticulously crafted specifically for your cherished Bullfrog Spa. With the ingenious SmartChlor® technology at its core, maintaining pristine water quality has never been this effortless. Revel in the joy of crystal-clear, immaculate, and luxuriously soft water that surpasses the traditional di-chlor or bromine systems.

The @ease® system for Bullfrog Spas offers an unparalleled convenience – you’ll only need to replace the SmartChlor cartridges every 3-4 weeks, and the mineral cartridge every 3-4 months.* Embrace worry-free relaxation, as the longevity of the cartridges may vary based on your hot tub usage, bather load, dial settings, and hot tub size. Trust the FROG® @ease® system to elevate your spa experience with simplicity and purity like never before.

Start-up System Kit includes 1 Mineral Cartridge, 1 SmartChlor cartridge,1 Jump Start package, and 1 bottle of @ease water test strips.

Bullfrog Spas @ease system


Experience the future of water care with the SmartChlor system – a game-changer that ensures you’ll enjoy the benefits of a spa without the usual chlorine hassle. Unlike traditional chlorine systems that lead to sudden spikes followed by rapid depletion, our SmartChlor system intelligently replenishes used chlorine, maintaining a consistently optimal level.

By using precisely the right amount of chlorine over time, you’ll witness a remarkable reduction of up to 75% in your chlorine usage. Embrace the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of this method, as it minimizes the need to shock your spa water to just once per month. Say goodbye to chlorine-related worries and say hello to a soothing spa experience, effortlessly managed with SmartChlor.



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