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Bullfrog Spas have come to the Boston area! With their unique Jetpack therapy system , beautiful modern styling, Bullfrog offers the elite hot tub experience you've been looking for. With 5 different lines to choose from there is a spa model to fit every size backyard, style, and budget.

The Bullfrog Spa experience is highlighted by the interchangeable Jetpacks found in 4 out of the 5 spa series. Allowing you to customize each and every seat in your spa. Bullfrog's are built for customization unlike any other hot tub manufacturer on the market.

At St. Cyr Pool & Spa in Middleton MA we are excited to present you with this great option to consider in your hot tub shopping. Adding to our existing lineup of Dimension One Spas and our value line Nordic Hot Tubs, we have become a must visit for North Shore and Great Boston hot tub shoppers.

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The unique design features of BullFrog Spas allow for unmatched customization. Why not design your perfect spa right at home and get a price quote right away?

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